Monday, 19 September 2011

coke family day

I admire companies that tries to involve the families of the workers in one way or another.   I am quite a veteran of Family Days.  Every year,  we drag our kids (when we were still single, we borrow nephews / nieces) to Family Days.

When hubby was still with San Miguel, they close-off Star City at the CCP Complex in Manila, usually during Christmas Season, and we have great time, with the simple carnival rides, being introduced to Titos, Titas  and children of my husband's colleagues.   It's done every year, so you get to see how the kids grow up in the course of time.  You get to meet your husband's bosses, not the ogres, you thought they would be.  :)  Hahaha

Now, I'm happy that the company my husband joined, Coca-Cola Singapore is also doing this tradition. So, off we trooped to Tanjong Beach in Sentosa Island on an early saturday morning.  Early because, my husband is the chairman of this shindig.  :)  He has to oversee things.

There were plenty of activities to occupy the little ones.   Water soccer, pinata, face painting,  two huge inflatables to expend their energies, balloon sculpting, volleyball, games and my favorite, Photo-booth :) Food was generous. Lunch. Nachos, popcorn, cotton candies, ice popscicles and as usual,  the company open the taps ... Coke products flow like water.

My Rania.
She's slowly getting rid of stranger anxiety.

cotton candies to further decay teeth

water soccer.. too hot though.

yaya ling & ivan wait for their turn for popcorn

Keeping herself from crying because the
artist has a scary face paint.

Hans is the best "dunker" there is.   He was able to dunk the guy 2x, and the girl 1x, in the water drum.  I think he can be a good pitcher.  Hmmm..

There was a raffle for Macbook Air, ipad2, iphones, ipods... I coveted the Macbook Air but we won a gift check :) Token amount, really.  It's ok. Much appreciated. 

Souvenir was a special commemorative bottle of the 1st coca-cola SEXY bottle.   They recently reproduce only about 80,000 worldwide. If you collect bottles, or you've worked for a bottling plant, you will appreciate this.

We met Ted's good-looking American boss Damir from Coke Atlanta, USA.  

Malvin & Ramil,  Pinoy colleagues under hub's
Manufacturing department

Coke CEO gave a heartfelt message about gratitude and family, being a part of company's success. Of course, since we allow our husbands to stay at the office more than the required hours, we relieve his stress brought about by the pressures of work,  and  I tolerate the buzzing of the Blackberry even at weird hours.  "Don't you Coke people ever sleep?!"  :)

Kidding aside,  Oh yes.  I am sucker for words of appreciation. Of course, we all love to receive bonuses and all but sometimes, acknowledgement works wonderfully, too.  (On top of the bonuses) Ha ha ha ha.

Ted & his Team who organized the event

Till next adventure!



  1. Wowowowwwwwwwweeeee...Red and White coke day!
    Gustung-gusto ko yung commercial ng coke sa pinas, yung laging "katerno ng food is coke"...forgot the kanta. fabulous here are coke bottle collection. designed by cavalli..fab!

    now back to family day. ansaya-saya naman. for kids talaga and for the kid's at heart (the parents and employees)
    Congrats to pre Ted for organizing the event. mukhang bumabaha ng coke. pengi namang coke tshirt dyan, hahaha. ay baka mag back fire si Ted.."asa'n pasalubong ko? bakit girls lang?" hahaha.

    The fotos are so lively. thanks for sharing.
    Happy 125th year COKE!

  2. hi butterfly,

    thanks for fluttering by...
    parang gusto ko yung coke by roberto cavalli ah :) for sale ba, or display lang sa botique nya?

    sure, tshirts lang pala eh. araw-araw coke tshirt si ted dito. polo shirt lang uniform nila. black and red ang color dito. not so much on red and white.

    ciao, dews

  3. eto..have a peek of the designed bottles of coke:

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