Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Talk. Shop. Eat. Pose.

When Elizabeth Gilbert wrote her bestselling book, "Eat. Pray. Love." She clearly wasn't talking about Filipino Women. Every time Pinays gather together, we revolve around 4 major courses of action. We Chatter. We bargain hunt. We forego diets, and we pose for photos, so our other friends... can again "talk" about what we did, stuff we bought, food we ate....the cycle just continues.

I had the pleasure of doing those things & more, when two of my favorite women visited me last week.

Beauties... Inside & Out

My high school teacher Mrs. Dorothy Loresto - Daniel is enjoying her first trip abroad.

Dorothy is no longer teaching, she holds a definitive position with the Department of Education, Culture & Sports (DECS) Provincial Office in Masbate.

Bambi is a successful nurse in Portland, Oregon, USA. Bambi has been in the US for quite some time, tipong, hindi pa uso Pinay Nurse sa US, nauna na sya dun! Now, everyone else seem to want to be a nurse in the US. Bambi has a sister Humby, who is also working as a nurse in Singapore.

One thing, I like about Bambi. She tells you what she wants to do . Walang Kiyeme. When she planned her trip, she already knows where she wants me to take her. "Dew, Bring me to Little India. Help me Shop for stuff for pasalubong for Mom & her sisters. After that, bahala ka na." O di ba, less sweat for me. :)

So, off to Little India.

First stop are the bling-bling shops...

She didn't buy this ; but then, asked her sister to come
back for it, because her Mom saw this posted in FB.
"Paliti ko ana, Bam."

Dothy looking so classy & expensive, amidst all these cheap fashion jewelry.

My mother & her sisters will love these belly-dancing paraphernalia, says Bam.

I always like to highlight my eyes with dark liners, this one is authentic kohl used by Indian women. False Eyelashes are also 'everyday' wear for them. Interesting. But thank you, but I'll stick to Mac. :)

She's biting her lips out of Indecision. Will I buy the Sari? Quite Expensive. But then, they're beautifully hand-made with all the trimmings, and who knows, when I would be able to come back? Decisions. Decisions.

And who could resist these "blingized" sandals?

My Pretty Feet, but sandals too big.

Dothy initially didn't want to buy. "What will Mr. Daniel think?!! This is sooo not me." Syempre, ang mga magastos na estudyante will disagree... "Hay Naku, Madam. Bagay na bagay sa yo! Heto na lang, para di ka ma-guilty. Lahat tayo bibili!"

Beauties. Head to Toe.
This elephant will look great in your coffee table, madam! It's actually a cover for the electric kettle. The workmanship is superb. Hand-sewn. The Sequenced Elephants behind her, can be mounted on a frame... voila! You have a rare artwork for your wall.

Aren't you having sleepless nights thinking about blouse, madam? Let me know if you want me to go back to buy this :) How much is it? 15 SGD (525pesos) It can pass for Escada Luxury Summer Wear. :)


Lunch is so-so. We don't know what to order. The shoe saleslady told us to order something from North India rather than South. Duh??!! As if we will know the difference. I spotted a cute guy of Indian descent dining in the restaurant...batted my lashes..."We could use a little help here... do you mind ordering for us?" Before long, we had a spread of Biryani Rice, Chicken Tandoori, Naan bread Masala (cheesy thingy) and Spinach Dips.

The flavors are just too much for our virgin palate. I told my guests, Bawi na lang tayo sa dinner, ok?!

Post - Lunch

Shopping was the main agenda for the day. And so, after lunch we proceeded to Chinatown. It's where you can get the cheapest pasalubongs from Singapore. (ok, Not so cheap... We are not Cheapipays..ok!!) Value for Money Pasalubongs. Now, that's better sounding...

For my kids, colleagues, bosses, friends... ooppss.. madam, almost forgot Mr. Daniel's :)

Lovely oriental paintings. Wanna go back for this..

Souvenir shirts, much much cheaper & edgy, than the unimaginative I Love SG T-shirts that Giordano is selling for a horrendous price in the city center.

Shawls -- definitely, not pashmina :) 3 for @ 20 SGD.

I love these masks! I used to collect different masks from countries I've been to.

Our initial plan was to bring extra clothes, so we can change, then go to dinner with some other friends. However, our arms and feet were killing us. Plus, we had so were bringing so much stuff. So, break muna! Let's go home first, freshen up, and meet again after an hour or so.


If you visit me, or anyone else in Singapore, this is the most likely place you will be taken first. Esplanade over-looking Marina Bay Sands. My friends & I call it, Singapore Starter pack.

You have the amazing views... and the yummy Singaporean Food in one-sitting.

You don't visit Singapore, without having a picture with its poster boy --- the Merlion.

It was quite providential because, while we were having our pictorial, Amelie Bisoc, scheduled to have dinner with us later on, passed by the area from her office.

Bambi also brought along her good-looking husband Ike, who holds a mean Canon Camera. I kept teasing them to pose, kiss in-front of the cameras. They look great together, both of them, in brown.

Dinner was slated at one of my favorite Hawkers Stalls, Makansutra. It's actually just a carinderia, but became sosyal, because of the fantastic view of Marina Bay. The food is also superb. They have a variety of stalls (Singaporean Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, even Pinoy Lechon Manok & Liempo!) But of course, we want our guests to taste Singaporean Cuisine.

We didn't get Chili Crab, because the crabs were Alimasag!

Bar-b-qued Stingray. (Pagi)
They are not endangered species here :)

Bambi's favorite, Spicy & Crispy Squid Head

I managed to gather together a group of former ASJMS students for that night. I'm sorry for the others whom I missed inviting because I honestly don't know who they are or how to reach them. If ever you read this, and you're in Sg also, add me up in FB :)

ASJMS peeps in Singapore... the sporty Amelie Bisoc (she runs a 20K marathon!!) works as a IT officer. Imin Bayno (looking so tough and manly with his mustache & long-hair) is working for an Interior Design Company. Jazzy Inigo, pretty sister of my batchmate James, also works for an IT company. Lovely mother Shine Ricafort, works as an accountant, brought along her hubby Ryan & son; her sister Shearvy, who for sure, will join Singapore workforce soon.

It was a fun evening, renewing acquaintances and forging new ones. Promises of more get-togethers to come. I'm not a Reunion Queen... for nothing... right ??!!! Hahahaha. Feel na Feel ang title ng lola nyo...

I took them to Clarke Quay... the party place for most expats.... hoping to intoxicate anyone. But I'm with a tame group. Allergic daw sa Alcohol... may lakad daw bukas.... maaga gising.... :) :) Excuses!

You know you've made a difference in another person's life; when until now, after many years, they would like to give back something for you.

Dothy wishes to thank her major sponsor for this trip. Kaya lang, sasakalin ako if I give them away. Hmm. What the heck, I'm now in Singapore. He can't reach me. Former student Mr. Wingman .... you know who you are.. thanks for making this happen. ;)

Till next adventure..... Sana next time, Kasama ka Na....




  1. wow, ansaya naman, you had a mini reunion there pala.
    ok, some points:
    I love SG shirt.
    i was tempted to buy at Changi Aiport. i didn't know SG prices, i bought 2 shirts for 17euro (they converted from SG dollars). i hate to compute, di na me nag re-check. so wala me idea if napamahal ba ako o mura.

    Masks: girl, punta ka dito sa Venice, masks are adorable. =)

    Starter Pack in Milan: The Duomo, Galleria and Castello Sforzesco. Maka pose ka lang dun, parang sort of "Milanese" ka na rin =)

    Thanks for sharing. You desrve that title, Reunion Queen. =)

  2. hi butterfly,

    you can overspend, you're a tourist. :) transit ka lang naman eh. at least you contributed to SG economy :))

    I read about Venician masks before pa, and i want one!

    thanks for dropping by.

  3. Reasons why SG should be on my travel "watch" list:
    1. amazing views
    2. food
    3. food (again!)

  4. hi bon,

    4. Ate Dewie will take me Around...