Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Zoo Talk

My childhood years were spent in Manila, and the only zoo, i know was Manila Zoo. It's the only real zoo in the Philippines. By real zoo, I mean to say, the Top 5 are there... Elephant, Lion, Hippopotamus, Giraffe and Tigers altogether :)

I was in Manila Zoo, about 4months ago, when I brought my niece from Masbate to see animals.  The place is a far-cry of my childhood years.   It's dirty, smelly, congested and the animals looked like they need nutrition and care. :(

Nowadays, we also have private zoos like Avilon Zoo, Zoobic Safari, Malabon Zoo and Chavit Singson's Baluarte in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. But they don't have Top 5, so in my book, they're just parks with wildlife. :) We have Calauit Nature Reserve in Palawan, but it's too isolated, and I heard that the giraffes were dying by the hours. :(

Zoos should be privatized, so they can earn money for the upkeep. Manila Zoo is funded by the city government.... between the budget for fighting criminals,  cleaning up Manila's drainage.... Manila Zoo is the least of Mayor Lim's priorities.

Ok. Enough of my Advocacy... on with my the latest adventure.

One of my favorite places for the kids here is the Zoo. It's the easiest way to keep them occupied, while you're working on getting a sweat with all the walking :) We've been here twice, and I want to make it a regular thing.... until they've memorize the animals (mothers & youngs, phylum, classifications).  :)

Entrance fee is 20 SGD adults 13 SGD kids. If you're with us, entrance is Free. Coca-Cola adopted the White Tiger Omar, and with it, employees & their guests go-in for free. We just need to sneak out Ted's ID before he goes to work :)

We took our guest, my high school teacher Dothy to the zoo during the Hari Raya celebration. It's a holiday and so there's a lot of people.  I normally shy away from going to public places during holidays because you rarely enjoy, with all the mass of humanity around.   But then, it's the only day, your family & friends have no school or go with the flow!

Singapore zoo is huge. It's actually just a part of the Wildlife & Reserves of Singapore (comprising of 4 major parks ... Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, and soon River Safari). 

I can't put everything here, lest I bore you, and you have nothing more to see when you come to Singapore. :)

Just some of the highlights that I like best ...

Rhinoceros, I think are  remnants of the Dinosaur age, younger siblings of the Tricerotops.

Tall, Lithe, graceful and supermodel sexy.... total opposite of Me..  the Giraffe.

The ladies in the Lions' Den.

The Sun Bear.  He looks like a Senior Citizen Bear  :)

The uber stylish horses -- Zebras.   Absolutely loooooove their stripes.

Wishing this is real, maybe during the Jurassic Period..

The real tortoises probably older than Mr. Lee Kuan Yew himself... :)

Where are we? Gentlemen, please navigate..

My helper Lingling knows her brand :)
She's totes her own Coach crossbody.
Yes, authentic. 

Feeling a little hot... drop by the Penguin's section for some chill on their climate controlled dens.

My husband' core competency, baby-sitting his little princess.

Bambi and his friends.... yes, my dear ... Bambi is a  "He." 

For those who still subscribe to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, you will enjoy touching-base with your ancestors here.   :)   Some of them roam freely in the park. 

Dothy confers with her newfound friend, the Orangutan.  The Asian version of the Great Ape.  His name came from the Malay word Orang (Forest)  Utan (Man),  Man of the Forest.  The most highly intelligent of all the primates, closest to Humans.  Highly-endangered species.  :(

The best thing I like about big zoos.... there are plenty of interactions between humans and animals.  Many of them are not in cages (except of course, the mighty predators, like tigers and lions... they will devour you in proximity).  

They allow the guests to feed the animals, for a small fee (5 SGD), just for the food, really.  However, even if you have the money, and the animals have taken their fill for the day, Sorry. They don't overfeed them for a few bucks.

Took this last year, We fed the elephants.
Feeding the Manatees (sea pigs)
I also weigh like a Manatee last year :)

Sure you went horse-back riding in Baguio or Tagaytay.  But nothing beats hunkering down the road atop a real, live, humongous beast of an Elephant.   The kids get a real thrill with this.  Costs only 4SGD.  They don't overcharge.  Mainly because, I think, Humans don't weigh much.  The elephant is not overworked, he probably enjoys going around the bushes with noisy children and excited parents.

Base on my outfit, this was also take last year.
Unfortunately, Dothy and I didn't make it to the queue.  There are so many people. They only allow a number of riders, because the elephants have a show later on.

Speaking of shows, there are three major shows you can catch inside the zoo.  The "Rainforest fights Back" is a simple play about animals driving away the Developers who want to cut the Trees, main casts are the monkey, lemurs, birds.  "Splash Safari" is all about cleaning up the environment, which stars sea lions, pelicans, manatees, and others from the marine wildlife, and my favorite of all, "Elephants of Asia," a real treat. Don't miss this!

Splash Safari Show for the kids
Rainforests Fights Back

The show basically revolve around how the Mahoots (Elephant trainors) go about in teaching the elephants doing stuff that will help in alleviating manual labor.  Pulling logs, squirting water for car wash (I'm joking here), crushing coconuts, and other tricks that shows how elephant listens to a human's command.  They're all cute and funny, both the mahoots and the elephants.

By the way, these Elephants came from Sri Lanka, and they respond only to Singhalese Language.  No, you'll never get by with, "Down, Dumbo.  Fetch, Dumbo"

If you are so enamored with elephants, May I invite you to check-out my earlier blog about Sumatran Elephants in Bali.  They're much, much more intelligent than Sri Lankan Elephants.  Gosh, I'm so Specie-Discriminatory! :)  Just click this :   Ripemango, show me more elephants!

Oyaata Sthuthiy!  (Singhalese for Thank You)

Till our Next Adventure .... eat you heart-out  -- it's Universal Studios!



  1. I must admit that Im not a z0o lover :( but after checking this blog, my next trip with my friends will be Cairns Zoo - about 12 mins drive from my place... thanks ms ripEmAngo..

    awesome :)

    lovin' your work xxx

  2. hi bon,

    Will wait for your pics about it!!
    I'm sure there are even better wildlife in Oz.

    ciao, ripemango

  3. Manila Zoo! Oh My! Honestly i have never been there. I guess it was not on my my childhood or teenage dream lists. Nakakalokah, am i the only one who haven't been to Manila zoo? =)
    Anyway, i have been to Zoobic Safari in fairness. Love it. I have been to a beautiful zoo here in Parco Cornelle. i guess, but i guess the Singapore Zoo is better. With those elephant adventures and shows, i have to write it down on my bucket list. Tell pre Ted i want his ID, para free. hahaha.

  4. *dah? never mind the double "i guess"... my princess is messing up with me.

  5. Cornelle -

  6. now that you've mentioned it, yeah yung Zara top talaga agad na notice ko here. shy lang ako to comment about it. (pa modest, hahaha). anyway, looks perfect for you. kakainggit S size ka. ako pang M sa Zara or L pag talagang puffing ang bilbils, lol