Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dew's Thurs Night Special ~ Baked Salmon

I've been dabbling in the kitchen lately.  One of my favorite dishes which has gained good reviews from friends and family is my Baked Salmon with Honey Mustard sauce.

Salmon is practically a no-brainer  to work on.  It's so delicious, most of the time, we don't even have to cook it.  Let's face it, sometimes, we only eat at those pricey Japanese restaurants to feed on the succulent, fresh, juicy, orange salmon... preferably eat-all-you-can.

This is for all my friends who requested this particular recipe.  It's a no-nonsense cooking.  If you are like me, who likes it simple but with aplomb ~ this is for you!

Honey-Mustard Glazed Salmon

What you Need:

Salmon Fillet
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
2 tbsp Dijon Mustard
2 tbsp Honey
Some grated Lemon Zest  (just grate the lemon skin, they way you grate cheese)
Salt & Ground Pepper

 1.  Heat Oven 375 degrees
 2.  Grease a shallow baking dish
 3.  Combine Dijon, honey and lemon zest & put in the baking dish (where else?)
 4.  Season both sides of fillet with salt & pepper
 5.  Place fillet in the baking dish and flip.  Now, both sides are coated in glaze. (should be, u flipped the fish, right?)
 6.  Put in oven and bake uncovered 15mins. or when fish flakes easily with fork.

Tip ~
Serve your masterpiece nicely! Don't make it look like, take-out from Aling Loleng's Carinderia.  I usually garnish with stir-fry vegies and/or sprigs of Parsley.    Salmon is Expensive, especially in the Philippines.  Make it worth your Effort!  Best serve with White Wine.

If your hubby likes it,  immediately, follow with a request thereafter.  A New Bag.  Bracelet.

Who knows?  It just might work!  :)

'til next adventure!



Monday, 19 March 2012

Escape to the Club

The Singapore Orchid Country Club is a leisure club owned by the National Trade Union Congress.  It was founded for the benefit of workers some 15years ago.  They envisioned a golf and country club which would be more affordable for workers, so that golf will no longer be a game for executives and higher ups in society.

Whatever! We still cannot afford its membership :)  But thanks God for great Singaporean friends who open its doors for us.  We took the kids for an overnight stay, just a quick getaway since Term 1 had just ended.

It's quite easy to get there even if you don't have a car.  From Yishun MRT station, there's is a free shuttle very 10mins.  Quite comfortable. No crowd or long queue.

We had a gorgeous room, facing the golf course; with our own little veranda.

My kids are crazy about swimming.  The club has 3 huge swimming pools.  The kiddie pool is enormous to the delight of my little gremlins.

I'm not a fan of bowling but hub & his friends are.  So,they played several sets at the nice big bowling alley.  The kids and I spent the time munching on snacks,  just  remembering to cheer at the right moments. 

By late evening, we decided to hit  the Karaoke rooms.  We miss Karaoke so much!  Here, we cannot just bring out our Magic Sing and belt it out like we do in the Philippines.   Singapore has this rules for civil conduct in living in a dense city.  :) No noise-making! Respect your Neighbors!

The next day, we woke up to the beautiful sight of immaculately maintained golf course.

My only beef was breakfast buffet did not come free and the spread a disappointment.  :(  They serve local and traditional fare that I have not yet gotten the palate for.   I was truly disappointed.   We settled on ala carte, which was also so-so.  :(

Ted's main agenda for the day was to work on his swing and form.  I went with him to the nice high- tech driving range.  Boring, of course.  But wifey duty calls.

After a while, we went for a swim;  then I vegetated in the sauna until I was sweating my fats off.  By the time we got  the kids,   from  the kiddie pools,  they can already be mistaken for Malays for their tanned complexion.

It was a nice and reasonably-priced getaway.  We were initially planning a staycation at Hard Rock or Shangrila Hotel in Sentosa.  But when we looked at the prices,  our eyes bulged.  It's peak season, afterall, and almost everyone wants to go somewhere.  But then again, the weekend turned out even better.

We had a nice time and we hope to go back soon (would be nice to try the Archery!) 

'til next adventure!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Relaxing @ the Reservoir

We took the boys for short hike along Mac Ritchie Reservoir Park last Saturday.  Singapore is so small that they have turned every nook & cranny into multi-purpose use.   This is a real reservoir, a catch basin for rain water that will be processed for drinking.  However, they also made it into a park, where people can stroll, hike, exercise, study about biodiversity and nature preservation.

The place is easily accessible by bus and there are no entrance fees.  Kids will enjoy running around the water's edge.  Dads can have quiet time under a tree reading a book or just snoozing.  Active Moms, like myself, can go hiking in the woods  (safe, plenty of signs!) or  try the kayak!

The Kayak Federation of Singapore is based here, and they hold their practices during sundown.  It's a beautiful sight.  All those tough straining muscles, sweating it out, as they row and the kayak quietly glides on the still waters.

They hold kayak lessons, as well.  You can rent a kayak.   I wanted to try but I didn't bring extra any swim wear.  Definitely, something to look forward to, next time!  It's not that expensive.  Only 15 SGD per hour.

Fishing also can be done here, but we didn't see anyone at it.

It's a great outing for the kids, especially little boys, who have tremendous energy to expend.  My kiddos brought their Nerf guns; and were running after each other behind the bushes & benches.

I took a short hike along the trails and the water's edge  pero "bitin"  because they were waiting for me,  I had to rush back.  Next time,  I will get a hiking buddy who will not tire as easily like my companions!

That's me waving across the waters !!

The trails here actually lead to another nature park called Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.  About 8kilometers walk up. :)  It's a hilly trail.   My friend Shel, actually got lost from her afternoon jog, and found herself near our place!  Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is another hiking spot, nearer to our home. I'm also looking forward to exploring it soon.

But you have to watch out for wild monkeys!  They're all over the place!  If you're bringing plastic bags, and drinks ~ they will go to you and grab your food.

After sweating it out for a day, the reservoir also has an amenities centre equipped with toilets, showering facilities, lockers, drinking fountains and a food kiosk.  No excuse for smelling bad at the bus ride home!

' til next adventure!